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sand washing machine production requirements of the higher

Time:2017-11-07 10:19:41 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Sand bucket wheel washing machine equipment operating environment requirements are relatively high, the general need for water-rich construction site. Although wheel bucket sand washing machine operating environment requirements are relatively high, but wheel bucket sand washing machine work efficiency than other sand washing machine work efficiency.


sand washing machine


Sand washing machine is a bucket-type washing equipment, washing sand and gravel separated soil, its novel sealing structure, reliable transmission, to ensure that the effect of cleaning dehydration, sand making machine is used with a Efficient sand washing equipment. Due to the complicated raw material sources, most manufacturers use machinery and equipment to clean the raw material stone, ensuring the project quality requirements while ensuring sufficient productivity to meet the concrete mixing plant on the supply of stone. The work process is generally: storage of raw materials, transportation, cleaning, delivery of finished materials, sewage sedimentation reuse; storage of raw materials generally storage hopper, storage hopper ZL50 loader available loading, hopper feeding width of more than 3 meters, hopper capacity Depending on the loader loading height, transport height, material flow angle, etc., the bigger the better. The general use of raw materials conveyor belt conveyor, as the best mud mouth material at the mouth of the throttle device has been set to control the amount of cleaning.


Due to the general quarry provided raw stone attached to the mud is not large and the adhesion is small, so the cleaning process need not be too long, the key is not cleaned when the stone is discharged unloaded tank of dirty water, and secondary pollution of the composition of stone . Complete cleaning of the stone is generally delivered to the finished product by the belt conveyor or storage hopper standby, so the best shelter to do shelter or wash now. Wheeled sand washing machine no matter what type of sand washing machine will produce a lot of sewage and water consumption is basically the same, taking into account the environmental requirements generally set the sewage sedimentation reuse pool, depending on the output to determine the pool volume and precipitation level, taking into account the sludge machinery Or manually clean up.


Sand washing machine in the market in the name and its working principle has some relevance, wheel sand washing machine is the same, wheel sand washing machine is to use external force to make the wheel scrolls, so that the wheel inside the water and stone natural friction And then to the role of stone cleaning.


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