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Introduction of Inspection Method of Cone Crusher

Time:2017-10-10 10:40:18 10:10:46 AM Num:84

The planned maintenance of the cone crusher is an important measure to ensure the integrity of the equipment and the completion of the production plan. So as to be able to properly arrange machine repair capacity and maintenance time, so that maintenance plans and production plans closely together to ensure that the crusher is often in good condition to run.


There are two ways to develop a maintenance cycle: one is based on how many tons of ore broken; the second is how long to run the load to determine. Regardless of which method should be combined with the actual production conditions of the unit to develop. Because the repair cycle of the crusher is related to many factors, such as the quality of the crusher, the operating rate, the load, the strength of the ore and the number of large ores, and the maintenance of good or bad. Therefore, the length of the repair cycle of the crusher, the factories and mines are not the same, such as the ore is very hard and too large, ore block, the load is too large, crusher cycle is very short.


Although the maintenance cycle is different, but in order to shorten the maintenance time, in accordance with the plan before the spare parts ready, and should be pre-assembled with a good way to do all the preparations, in order to dismantle the planned overhaul of the crusher, otherwise Will delay the maintenance of the time, affecting production. Overhaul of the crusher after the disintegration of the wear, repair and replacement of the part should make a detailed record, in order to summarize the law, to prepare spare parts, pre-repair work and analysis of crusher failure and other accumulation of information.


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