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Hard stone broken selection cone crusher

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Hard stone, also known as hard rock, common hard rock with basalt, granite, pebbles, etc., these hardness of the stone broken up more difficult, and broken a long time, low production efficiency, so the user in the crushing of such materials The need to clearly understand the performance advantages of the selected crushing equipment to ensure that the production and benefits can achieve the dual demand. In most cases, broken hardwood users will choose cone crusher, mainly because of its good performance, broken effect and input costs are more user satisfaction.


Cone crusher


Why is the choice of cone crusher broken

1, the production advantages of cone crusher. Cone crusher is mainly used for medium hardness of the above material crushing work, with a large crushing force, high efficiency, high throughput, low operating costs, the use of economic advantages.

2, the structural advantages of cone crusher. Combined with the working principle of the cone crusher, the material selection and structural design of the cone crusher is reasonable, the size of the broken product is uniform and the circulating load is reduced. The hydraulic cavity system of the cone crusher can effectively shorten the downtime of the cone crusher.

3, the technical advantages of cone crusher. Cone crusher seal with grease seal, to avoid the water supply and drainage system easy to plug the shortcomings and easy to mix water and oil defects, spring insurance system is overload protection device, can make foreign body, iron through the crushing chamber without damage to the cone crusher The Many types of cone crusher, a composite cone crusher, full hydraulic cone crusher, etc., the user in the choice of production process can be selected according to the needs of different cavity type cone crusher.


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