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Machine sand production and use of the problem

Time:2017-06-16 11:13:19 10:10:46 AM Num:84

The role of gravel aggregate in concrete is very important, plays a skeleton, the role of transmission stress, gravel quality directly affects the development of concrete. In fact, the mechanism of sand in the grain gradation, grain type, surface characteristics, needle-like particles, porosity and other aspects of natural sand has an unparalleled advantage. But because of the ideological understanding of the reasons, often do not know the superiority of the mechanism of sand, just as a substitute for natural sand sand as a material treatment, with the standard of natural sand to measure the machine sand, of course, see the machine is sand Short of the.


Machine sand


Quality issues
Machine sand also has a natural shortage, grain variety, specific surface area, water demand and so on. But with the development of technology, most of these problems have been resolved.

1. Granulation problem: needle-like too much, there are rock problems, but more important equipment selection issues, if the use of special equipment, the problem can be resolved.

2. The gradation is not entirely reasonable and the fineness modulus is large. Most enterprises in order to reduce machine wear and reduce production costs, the production mechanism of sand fineness modulus mostly in 3.0 or more, and the configuration of the best concrete fineness modulus of 2.6 or so.

3. Stone powder problem: mud powder is harmful to the concrete, must strictly control its content. But the stone powder is beneficial to the concrete, there is the presence of the amount of stone powder, make up the mechanism of sand configuration of the shortcomings of poor workability. Now many companies in the process of washing the soil, but also wash away a lot of stone powder, destroyed the sand gradation.


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