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Potash feldspar broken preferred jaw crusher

Time:2017-06-08 15:57:57 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Potash feldspar crushing equipment, according to Potash feldspar crushing equipment and mineral processing process can be seen in the broken Potash feldspar, the choice of jaw crusher. Why use jaw crusher?


It is based on the nature of the fused mineral feldspar and the performance of the jaw crusher. Potash feldspar is also commonly known as feldspar, is a monoclinic system, hardness is greater. In the broken Potash feldspar when most of us will choose jaw crusher, according to the user's production needs to develop a complete production program. Through the Potash feldspar crushing equipment and beneficiation process we understand that potassium feldsil need to go through two jaw crushing, and then through the ball mill grinding, and then in the magnetic separation process and other processes.


Potash feldspar


Choose to use jaw crusher to break the feldspar, the first is the potash feldspar hardness is suitable for crushing with a jaw crusher, and crushing with jaw crusher can effectively control the crushing of potassium feldspar, to avoid excessive broken. The second is the jaw crusher its own structure is simple, easy to maintain, covers an area of ​​small, reasonable structure, the most important is jaw crusher economical and practical.


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