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Hydraulic Cone Crusher Discharge Port Adjustment Method

Time:2017-04-25 11:52:11 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Hydraulic cone crusher is the most widely used in the crusher of a customer favorite device, it appears for the customer greatly reduces the operating costs. Zhong Xin Heavy Industry engineers to introduce the hydraulic cone crusher discharge mouth how to adjust and adjust the process of attention.


Hydraulic cone crusher


Usually according to the customer's product size requirements of the discharge port to adjust. In general, the hydraulic cone crusher is slightly smaller than the maximum product size. The adjustment of the discharge port is accomplished by pushing the cylinder to adjust the cap to raise or lower the adjustment ring. The drop is to adjust the cap clockwise turn the discharge port becomes smaller, otherwise the discharge port becomes larger.


In the process of adjustment we should pay attention to the following aspects:
1, do not adjust the discharge in the state of the crusher;
2, can not be transferred to the nest caused by the impact of the impact of the level of support. The impact of the support sleeve will cause the crusher to operate abnormally and excessive damage to the spindle.
3, adjust the hydraulic cone crusher discharge port when the lock cylinder must be pressure relief;


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