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Sand making machine work requires safe operation

Time:2017-04-19 10:17:00 10:10:46 AM Num:84

In the operation of sand making machine, if not accurately manipulated, it may be an unnecessary safety accident, that is to ensure that machinery and equipment to maintain a good state to ensure safe production, reduce occupational safety and health hazards, sand machine safe operation Can not be ignored, engineers in zhongxin heavy industry suggested:


sand making machine

1, sand machine began to work before the check the vortex chamber observation door is tight;
2, check the direction of the wheel rotation of the sand, from the direction of the inlet to see. Impeller should be counter-clockwise rolling, or should adjust the wiring;
3, the sanding machine must be no-load start, to be sanding machine running normally before feeding, sand making and conveying equipment to start the order: nesting → sanding machine → feeding, shutdown sequence and boot the opposite order;
4, the feed particles in strict accordance with the delineation requirements, prohibit greater than the designated material into the sand machine, to avoid blocking the impeller channel and the central inlet pipe, feeding material for continuous average;
5, nesting equipment to stop, should promptly stop feeding;
6, sand machine running process, if there is severe vibration and abnormal noise, should immediately check the parking;
7, sand making machine for each class, add the right amount of grease;
Safety is very important, so the operation in addition to ensuring the safe operation of equipment, but also as far as possible to take the perfect protective measures, the above seven requirements must follow.


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