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Why does the main shaft of the hydraulic cone crusher break?

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Hydraulic cone crusher in the work of broken, generally there are three different work conditions: normal working conditions, broken material in the feed port is too large, the situation occurred when the iron. At this time the dynamic force on the cone, can be decomposed into vertical force and horizontal force, the vertical force and the dynamic cone itself by the hydraulic cylinder pressure to support the balance. The horizontal component is balanced by the reaction force produced by the bearing under the spindle.


Hydraulic cone crusher spindle easy to break, which is often troubled by our problems. In the case of a large number of crater crusher faults, we have learned that most of the faults are the lower thread of the upper thread, the lower part of the lower part and the bottom of the cone and the different diameters of the junction. The reason for the majority of the breakage is due to the fact that the iron condition or the material of the feed port is too large.


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In the calculation of the spindle strength, the two points should be calculated by the centralized load situation, and in the calculation process should be noted that the spindle is only subject to bending moment without the twisting force. The main form of the spindle are stepped shaft and taper shaft. Stepped spindle deformation of each section prone to stress concentration, overload prone to fracture. The spindles are connected with the cone and the cone by means of an interference fit.


Tapered spindle, because the mating surface in the broken by the crushing force with wedge effect, can reduce the amount of interference and to avoid stress is too concentrated. But its axial installation positioning accuracy is poor. It can be seen, the use of interference with the mating surface is not easy to loose, prone to a large stress concentration, in the course of the use of the phenomenon of the risk of breaking the axis. Late new crusher to use H7 / S6 with the way, the effect is better.


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