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Sand washing machine Stone powder waste recycling

Time:2017-03-13 06:27:04 10:10:46 AM Num:84

With the application of stone sand more and more extensive, stone powder sand washing after the stone powder produced, although the use of recycled water treatment and secondary precipitation, over time, waste, stone powder accumulation into the mountain, not only for a long time not only occupied the land, but also serious pollution Environment, has now become a long-term constraints of the development of a major chronic illness. So how can the stone powder sand washing waste, waste residue, stone powder waste into treasure?


sand washing


Chemical products, fillers and paint fillers, architectural decoration, and so on. Instead of soda, for tanning, stone powder instead of big soda can be leather acid, instead of baking soda can increase the branding of tannin. The use of this process, can reduce labor intensity, improve economic efficiency. For the combustion of coal and desulfurization agent, in the production of coal by adding 5% -10% marble powder, not only can save coal, and can help combustion, reduce sulfur dioxide gas escape, improve indoor and outdoor environment. Production of welding electrodes when adding stone powder, can play a role in slagging, to prevent the pool and the arc into the oxygen and nitrogen. After precipitation, dehydration, drying, can be used as cement raw materials and asphalt pavement filler, can also be made of chemical fuel filler.


This shows that the comprehensive utilization of stone sand washing machine waste its prospects are still very good. As long as good at innovation, the same can still produce a good marginal effect.


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