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Vibrating Feeder Screen breakage Emergency Rescue

Time:2017-03-09 03:42:53 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Gravel production line to be broken material first need to vibrate the feeder to the material transported to the jaw crusher, as the whole head of the gravel production line, its work efficiency directly affects the entire production line, so to ensure the normal operation of the vibrating feeder Very important. Vibration feeder in the work if the screen break, how to do it?


The vibrating feeder screen is broken in a straight line, generally because the tensioning device of the vibrating feeder is not fully tensioned, and the support means of the screen and the screen box are subjected to secondary vibrations and are impacted by the shock The Under normal circumstances, the screen deformation and other structures are not complete, vibrating feeder work amplitude is too large is also caused by a straight line breakage of the reasons, when the linear vibrating screen spring device stiffness is not uniform, the same screen There is a linear break in the work. So when the screen is damaged immediately after the downtime for troubleshooting analysis, according to different causes of failure equipment commissioning maintenance, to ensure the normal operation of equipment.


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When troubleshooting the vibrating feeder, check whether the tensioning device of the device is kept in a fully tensioned state. Check whether the screen is deformed or can not be fully fit with the tension plate. Under the same to ensure that the screen and the screen box between a certain gap, to avoid the gap is too small cause the collision between the equipment parts and components.


The length of the screen to be properly adjusted, too long the screen is likely to cause tension on the bolt can not be fully tightened, poor fastness is easy to make the equipment loose, eventually leading to broken screen. For the damaged mesh to be replaced in a timely manner, can not be passed, affecting the smooth progress of production.


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