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The jaw crusher is the primary crushing of the pebble crushing

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More and more broken machinery, models and types are not only the same, then how to choose a pebble crusher it is suitable for the last word, broken machinery and equipment to choose how to adapt to business needs.


The granularity of in and out of the material is used to determine the type of crushing equipment required and the level of crushing. If the feed particle size and smaller particle size, often require two or more broken multi-level crushing. If the broken material granularity generally do not need multi-level crushing. Jaw crusher and part of the hammer crusher is generally as a broken, and the impact crusher, cone crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher is generally used as a secondary broken or even three broken use .


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Crusher on the market today, ranging from as little as 10 tons per hour, as many as hundreds of thousands of tons, the customer according to their specific requirements to choose what kind of equipment and how to arrange the production line is more reasonable, more cost-effective.


The specific situation of the construction site is the most direct factor affecting the choice of crushing machinery and equipment. For example, the site size of the construction site, crushing equipment specific placement location. This requires that customers need to know more about this equipment, the relevant professional knowledge, a comprehensive analysis of the specific circumstances of the scene of broken equipment selection and production line of specific arrangements.


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