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Circular vibrating screen to use a good quality screen

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Circular vibrating screen can be stretched to use, so should regularly check the screen tension optimization screening efficiency. If the screen breaks, you can completely stop the production line, we recommend that you keep a spare, in the case of damage to use. This will reduce your downtime. Most screen damage is caused by improper handling and storage of the screen. Therefore, ensure that spare parts are packed and adequately protected and stored from injury.


Circular vibrating screen to pay special attention to the screen, do not bump, otherwise the wire frame gasket will be very easy to damage. Screen cleaning requires a cleaner to be cleaned when cleaning, and it should be replaced regularly to ensure a good seal quality. Spare gaskets should be stored away from direct sunlight.


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To ensure that your circular vibrating screens have a long service life, it is vital to use an experienced screen supplier who can provide you with accurate screening. High-quality suppliers use advanced bonding technology to ensure that the grid has the right tension. This maximizes their smoothness and prevents excessive wear due to sagging. These suppliers also ensure that your screen can be neatly covered to the edge of the device. Reputable suppliers will also use high quality nets, which will last longer to ensure consistent product quality.


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