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Vibrating screen using non-metallic material sieve advantages

Time:2016-12-27 17:41:33 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Vibrating screen with thin elastic screen as a sieve, to improve the efficiency of the vibrating screen is very favorable. This screen is generally made of rubber or polyurethane materials, it can reduce the adhesion between the screen surface and the material being screened, so that the material produced by the second high-frequency vibration, to avoid sieve plug and enhance the permeability of the material And can alleviate the mechanical effect of the screened material on the screen surface, and can withstand more vibration amplitude vibration than the wire mesh screen.


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Improve screening efficiency. It can be compared to metal sieve screening efficiency by 20% or so. Wear resistance, and long service life. Its average life expectancy is more than 25 times the metal screen. Reduce the installation time, improve the equipment operation rate. As the non-metallic material greatly extend the service life of the screen, reducing the number of screen surface replacement, than the metal screen equipment operating rate is generally increased by 15%.


Reduce noise, improve the operating environment. Metal screen in addition to resonance with the screen box, the wire also produced a number of vibration, wear after the phenomenon is more obvious, with the material on the screen surface of the steel collision and other parts of the vibration, resulting in noise High, non-metallic material sieve The use of the entire sieve as a whole, with a certain buffer, can reduce the noise of about 20 decibels.


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