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Vibrating screen fault frequency is high

Time:2016-11-29 03:02:24 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Vibrating screen is widely used in stone production, metallurgy, refractories, coal and other fields. In large machinery and equipment in the vibrating screen and can not be regarded as large-scale machinery and equipment, but the vibration screen failure frequency is the highest, because the vibration device itself is a scientific use of vibration destructive force of a product.


Circular vibrating screen


If the direction of the motor rotation occurs in the wrong direction in the need to debug the motor steering, field operators based on the previous single-axis vibrating screen or the use of linear sieve experience, not necessarily in accordance with the direction of cuttings to go forward, which This method is not suitable for all vibrating sieves, such as elliptical vibrating screen is not suitable for use in this way.


If the rotation of the motor is the rotation of the inner side of the error occurs, although the angle of the projection angle is 45 degrees and forward, but according to the role of rolling force drill cuttings will have a tendency to move back, this time will cause drilling Crumbs do not move forward, but also in a large number of accumulation in the screen, causing the screen to block or even shaker does not work.


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