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Fine jaw crusher simple structure and easy maintenance

Time:2016-09-14 16:02:38 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Fine jaw crusher manufacturing industry has good growth, the growth rate will continue to increase, machinery manufacturing enterprises gain a firm foothold in the market competition, and constantly develop new products. Fine jaw crusher to the size of the main feed opening, can be divided into large, medium and small size. No matter how large, medium and small jaw crusher, mainly from the rack, moving jaw, elbow board, elbow board seat adjustment mechanism, the movable jaw tensioning device and transmitting devices and other components.


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Fine jaw crusher with its simple structure, reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, adaptability and other characteristics known, in addition to jaw crusher frame, the active jaw body, flywheels, motor, etc. the same configuration, is also equipped with the new crusher a hopper or a hopper design size, can be effectively prevented crusher wear, to protect the body, the movable jaw against direct impact.


Louvered feed end of the protective cover, to prevent the crushing process, the operator observed the crushing chamber, flying rocks splash hurt the eyes, can also protect the motor will not be flying stones injuring V-belt. Rooms are equipped with nested partitions, breaking the material to form a "cushion" to withstand the impact of ore down, down most of the impact-absorbing material conveyor belt, thus increasing the transport belt life.


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