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Hydraulic cone crusher of materials required

Time:2016-08-10 15:13:56 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Hydraulic cone crusher operation is preferably made through professional training of technical personnel for technical personnel should be familiar with the hydraulic cone crusher knowledge, it can effectively reduce the occurrence of card stock.

In the adjustment process, we should pay attention to the following aspects: Do not adjust the discharge opening at the crusher operating state; can not be adjusted to cause the discharge port support sleeve beating degree of impact. Support sleeve strike will cause the crusher not functioning properly and the spindle for excessive damage. Adjust hydraulic crusher discharge spout when the lock cylinder must be relief;


Hydraulic cone crusher


Therefore, before using the hydraulic cone crusher, you should first clear the parameters of the equipment, especially the nature of the material requirements. The hydraulic cone crusher of materials relevant requirements into suitable material. If you do not comply with the hydraulic cone crusher feed nature of requirements, such as the particle size is too large or the moisture content is too high, you can make the appropriate processing, such as the material for preparation screening and dewatering to reduce the viscosity of water and materials.


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