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Front jaw crusher start preparatory work

Time:2016-07-12 15:31:18 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Now in production, to promote "more broken and less grinding" concept of the production, because the jaw crusher crushing ratio, low investment cost, while mill production efficiency is high, but the cost of a large investment, you want to save more costs, it replaced by a broken jaw grinding, jaw crusher in operation, the particle size can be adjusted through the discharge port, to change the product size, the rotor speed can also be adjusted back plate and grinding chamber clearance to change the feed size.


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Should be checked before using a jaw crusher crushing cavity whether the ores or other debris, if any should be immediately eliminated. Carefully check the bearing lubrication is good, whether the bearing bracket junction have enough grease. Should carefully check all the fasteners are fully tightened. Protective device is good, unsafe, should immediately eliminate it.


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