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Vertical shaft impact crusher development speed is very fast

Time:2016-06-15 15:50:51 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Vertical shaft impact crusher is a kind of processing equipment, is mainly used to make building and industrial gravel. It can be a large stone mining crushing fineness as required, so that can be used as raw materials in the construction industry. Sand device development history is relatively short, but the pace of development of the Sand is very fast.

Vertical shaft impact crusher

Depending on the amount of powder sand stope production process produces two kinds of lithology, found during the test run dry powder production volume, far beyond the technical requirements of customers, our technical department will go to process adjustment according to customer demand .

And after four years of post-high-intensity production, process checks and maintenance work not in place, causing the decrease of production capacity of the equipment, the amount of the fine powder sand recovery fluctuations, we take the local structural optimization, make great efforts to stabilize the sand stone production quality.


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