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Jaw crusher low carbon environmental protection

Time:2016-06-06 17:20:31 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Urban construction and transformation is inseparable from the credit jaw crusher, jaw crusher industry energy conservation, development of alternative energy devices and mechanical cultivation of three aspects.

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Jaw crusher manufacturers combined with years of experience in energy conservation and environmental protection industry, the mining machinery industry obtained when low carbon road should pay attention to two aspects from the practice: First, with advanced technology, the energy saving and recycling use throughout the production process; the second is the full realization of sustainable development of mining, so that environmental protection has been effective.

Jaw crusher efforts to improve energy conservation, large jaw crusher advantages are: simple structure, light weight, small size, relatively inexpensive, easy maintenance and transportation; drawback is grinding liner easily handle than the gyratory crusher machine is low, uneven product particle size, high flakiness content, more chunks, provided the requirements of the silo, and must be equipped with a large uniform feeding device to normal production.


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