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Jaw crusher there are also some disadvantages

Time:2016-05-26 18:00:25 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Jaw crusher motor cone liner designed with grooves that can not be flat moving cone liner crushing hard bulk materials can be broken fluted liner.

At present, China brittle materials annual production has reached about 15 million tons, most of these materials go through crushing, grinding process. Jaw crusher technology development is imminent. Crushing process there are still some deficiencies and defects.

Jaw crusher

Crushing process is relatively simple, can not be achieved multifunctional broken, alas work process, if the nature of the material to be crushed is heterogeneous, the traditional crushing process so that they can not be completely dissociated phase, but also prone to material over crushed phenomenon. This makes a useful component of reducing over crushed to form a crushing operations in the waste, resulting in waste of resources.

Under the technical conditions jaw crusher to achieve ultra-fine grinding is very difficult, we need to go through multi-stage crushing operation can be achieved, since the whole equipment is relatively large, relatively heavy, during the installation process and the need to occupy a large area of space, but also solid support base.


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