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Small spring cone crusher is the number of daily output

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   Cone crusher in its production and by the customer favorite, in which the spring cone crusher is because long life is well known, in addition to its long life, the operating costs are relatively low, the use of economic, very cost-effective to use, That is probably the smallest yield there?

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    Xin Heavy production of small spring cone crusher, yield 15-25t / h, according to work 10 hours every day count, can produce about 150-250t, because of the expected size of the different adjustments, production is also different, the expected size of the small, the output will be somewhat reduced. Spring cone crusher is suitable for crushing strength of the material above average, the spring acts as overload protection, foreign body can not break through the crushing chamber or due to some reason and overload spring safety system to achieve insurance.

    Spring cone crusher high production efficiency, the internal use of the bowl-shaped bearing with high precision reserve, sealing method using the grease seal, effectively avoid improper operation caused by water and oil mix. And when the seals wear, because of the action of the spring, automatic compensation, the seal is still echoing, played seal, note that the seal wear in the 1 / 4-1 / 3, it needs to be replaced spare parts, or else will impact on equipment.

    Spring cone crusher is one of my company's flagship product, twenty years of production experience, to ensure the improvement of the performance of the device. For more cone crusher information, please call our hotline, if you encounter any problems during use, you can consult us, Xin Heavy 24 hours for you.


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