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China Crusher Into The World Class Brand

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The radical cone crusher is designed with the principle of single particle crushing. The product design is radical, the efficiency is low, the energy consumption is high, which seriously affects the economic interests of the manufacturers and users. In order to improve our basic engineering equipment manufacturing industry level, improve domestic cone machine's working performance of Jiaozuo Zhongxin heavy Industry to absorb the introduction of the world advanced crusher technology design and development of new products, HP series hydraulic cone crusher crushing.

HP series crusher. The hydraulic cone crusher is a new type of cone crusher with. The new HP series hydraulic cone crusher, the design of the speed, stroke, and the crushing chamber of the optimized combination, so that in fact, the lamination is broken, a significant increase in output, product shape is also greatly improved. Provide higher production capacity, the best product particle shape, and easy to automatic control, with the maximum reliability and flexibility, and truly create more value for the user. The device has reasonable structure, high crushing principle and advanced technology

parameters, low interest rate, low noise, long service life, uniform grain size, crushing ratio, multiple crushing chamber, and meet the requirement of large scale production. Easy maintenance, etc.. Mainly used in coal or coal preparation plant broken coal, can also be used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical, transportation building materials industry, suitable for crushing hard, medium hardness above the various ore and rock and other industries, such as broken coke, slag and other brittle materials.  

Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. as a Henan famous with high-tech, high level and high quality mining machinery and equipment enterprises, product use and wide, in the stone crushing engineering, building sand, industrial milling and other business areas in mining machinery industry leading level. Since the establishment of the company, professional engaged in crushing and screening equipment, mobile crushing station, construction waste disposal equipment hydraulic cone crusher design and development of equipment have reached the international level, production, sales and service and other one-stop service to provide customers with the best quality, the most cost-effective production line configuration.

 Energy saving cone crusher since its inception, has been recognized by the use of customers, more important for the use of enterprises to create a huge economic benefits. Allows customers to rest assured, peace of mind, happy is the value of Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is always pursuing the concept and development, aspiring to develop world-class crushing and screening in the field of the top manufacturers.


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