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sand production line

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Crushing production line (sand production line) is the production of special equipment for building sand and stone of special equipment, stone equipment, including jaw crusher, stone crusher, crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen , sand washing machine, belt conveyor. The device has a reliable performance, reasonable design, easy operation, and high efficiency.

⒈ stone crushing production line high degree of automation, large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large capacity, after the product was broken cube shape, low flakiness content, without internal cracks, engage in high pressure.
⒉ equipment maintenance and easy maintenance, the vulnerability of the domestic color with the latest high-strength wear-resistant materials, low loss, long life, customers can bring considerable economic benefits.
⒊ design stone crushing production line, successfully applied in limestone, basalt, granite, pebbles and other rock crushing processing, product quality after crushing fully meet GB14685-2001 standard for high road, rail, water, concrete mixing stations and other industries to provide qualified aggregate.

sand production line

The basic flow
Crushing production line process roughly :( Silo) ---- ---- feeder jaw crusher impact crusher ---- ---- ---- shaker (can be finished). Intermediate between machines available conveyor phase.
First, the stone from the feeder evenly sent an initial coarse crusher broken, then produced into a coarse material transported by belt conveyor to the crusher for further crushing, crushing stone into the shaker after the screening of different specification of stones, gravel does not meet the size requirements of feed back into the crusher again.

Key Features
The stone production line high degree of automation, nesting particle size adjustable, broken rate, energy saving, large output, produce a uniform size stones, grain shape is good, for roads and bridges and other medium and small construction projects.
Hammer crusher mainly by the impact of action to crush the material. Crushing process roughly like this, the material into the crusher, suffered the impact of high-speed rotary hammer and broken, broken material, obtained from the kinetic energy of the hammer at a high speed toward the frame body from the baffle, screen bars, and This simultaneous material impact each other, were repeatedly broken, smaller than the gap sieve ter material discharged from the gap, the larger the individual materials in the screen bar again by the impact hammer, grinding, squeezing and crushing, the material Hammerhead is extruded from the gap. To obtain a product of desired particle size.
sand production line
Mechanical configuration gravel field primarily determined empirically based on the yield of stone under a certain level of particle size. With the increasingly high quality of highway construction, the use of stone fractioning increase than in the past, equipped with the proportion of strict empirical design method of stone gravel field not meet the new situation. Many of gravel field following occurs: ⑴ stone production ratio imbalance at all levels, resulting in some of the large accumulation of stone level, wasting money, but also pollute the environment; improper ⑵ mechanical configurations, some machines the ability to not fully, while others machine processing capacity can not meet the requirements. For this reason, should be based on: ⑴ yield Programme requirements; ⑵ particle size ratio levels; ⑶ almost no abandoned stone and other requirements, seek the lowest cost optimization of mechanical configuration, designers in order to reduce the search space, should first search using Gravel channel generated expertise of local structure, equipment in parallel is a common form. The purpose is to reduce the crusher outlet opening in parallel, increase the amount of state transition (increasing fragmentation). The degree of parallel state should evaluate search volume than the transfer targets.
Branches and loops are generated after the screening, the logistics branch no longer return to this screen, loop logistics to return to this screen to do the separation. In addition to direct separating the finished stone, the support on the road in general as well as crushers and screening equipment, and further crushed, prompting state transfer size ratio.
Many gravel production lines have adopted the loop structure. Prompting the state transition from the perspective of the loop and no essential different branches, but some or all of the circuit device and the main road share (at least share the screen), when the main road equipment have surplus capacity than the provincial investment. Due to the impact of screening efficiency, the inner loop will cause parasitic cycle phenomenon.

sand production line


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