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Copper Ore Crushing & Processing

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Copper ore crushing mining processed by crushing, screening. Copper ore can be divided into pyrite, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, azurite and copper blue, etc. After mining in mining area ,large jaw crusher as primary crushing, firstly change the copper ore into the powder ore bin; Secondly copper ore via the conveyor belt filter out the ore to counterattack crusher and transit warehouse; Thirdly through the fine crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and so on. Finally copper ore is sent to vibrating screen for screening.

Copper Ore Crushing
Copper Ore Crushing & Processing Applications
Copper is widely used in many areas; it is the national economic sectors as well as an essential raw material in people's lives. Copper is widely used in electrical, light industry, machinery manufacturing, construction industry, defense industry and other areas.
1. Copper is mainly used in the electric power industry, manufacturing electric power transmission lines, cables, bus, transformers, switches and connectors.
2. Copper in the electronics industry used for manufacturing electric vacuum devices, VHF and UHF transmitting tube, crossing catheter, etc.
3. Copper in the energy and petrochemical industries used for manufacturing thermal power plants carry the main condenser and condenser tube plate.
4. Copper in the transportation industry is one of the shipbuilding standards materials.
5. Copper in the mechanical and metallurgical industry used to increase the strength of steel and resistant to the corrosive atmosphere and oceans.


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