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Copper ore crushing line

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Copper ore crushing line
►XHP gravel production line

►Copper ore crushing line


►Day operation: 7-8 hours

►Feed: copper ore

►Finished products: copper powder


Copper Stone Encyclopedia
Copper ore refers to ores containing copper or a copper compound, after beneficiation can become higher-grade copper concentrate containing copper or a copper ore, copper concentrate smelting commission need to go through in order to become refined copper and copper products. Copper ore types: There are native copper, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, azurite, covellite, malachite and so on. Copper ore is mainly used in metallurgical industry, metallurgical industry as a raw material.

working principle
Chunks of stone by the silo consists of vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher for primary crushing, stone crushing after the conveyor belt to the crusher for further crushing; after stone crushing by conveyor belt feed shaker for screening, screening out several stones of different specifications to meet the size requirements of the finished stone belt conveyor sent to the finished product stockpiles; stones does not meet the size requirements of the belt conveyor feed back to the counter- crusher broken again, many times to form a closed loop.

Production Line Features
Gravel production line high degree of automation, the entire production line in addition to equipment and routine maintenance of the power shutdown, the process is simple, almost no manual operation. Its production of high efficiency, low operating cost, large output, high-yield, finished stones uniform size, grain shape is good, in line with national high-speed material requirements.

Stone production line equipment configuration is mainly based on customer specifications and production of stone and stone uses to determine Shanghai Shibang provide pre-sale, sale and comprehensive services, based on customer production site to the configuration process, we strive to be the most reasonable The most economical production line.

Jiaozuo Zhongxin Heavy crushing and screening equipment production design in the process of design, the broken equipment levels match the reasonable and rigorous cross-space layout, so it has a small footprint, high investment in economic, aggregates Good quality, low productivity and other characteristics of the powder is also equipped with advanced electronic control operating system, ensure that the entire process of the material smooth, reliable, easy to operate, energy efficient.

To solve the traditional processing equipment and processes for aggregate production of finished grain shape and other deadly problems unqualified, but also to overcome the traditional process equipment wear and equipment for processing hard rock demonstrated serious shortcomings lead to high production costs. In addition, the production line can be depending on the construction of gravel aggregate of different size requirements, flexibility to adjust the size of the finished sand and gravel, the timely production of marketable products, multi-line, greatly reducing the project investment.

Productive Performance
It can be used to aggregate and artificial sands operations hard limestone, granite, basalt, river gravel, smelting slag and other materials more suitable for water and electricity, building materials, highways, urban construction and other industry applications. Highway surface material production and processing, road gravel highway, high-speed railway passenger line of aggregate, sand and gravel station, port and airport runway is particularly suitable for areas with special construction materials such as gravel. Meanwhile, according to different process requirements, the combination of various types of equipment to meet customers' different process requirements.

client feedback
A partnership with the Zhongxin, is recommended by a friend of the industry, a friend of equipment operation is very smooth, very good quality, production has also fully met expectations, profits in good shape, so I choose sebang products, we purchased a broken jaw and three single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, good results.

Production flow chart

Copper ore crushing line


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