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350 tons of basalt production line

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Basic introduction
Sand production line is a production of construction sand and stone dedicated production line equipment, energy saving than the traditional 50% sand. It can rock, sand and gravel, river gravel and other building materials made in line with the requirements of the various size sand, sand and gravel production line made by the degree of uniform, high compressive strength, than natural sand, ordinary sand hammer sand machine production more in line with architectural requirements, can increase the quality of construction. Sand and gravel production line machinery production equipment with reliable performance, reasonable design, easy operation and high efficiency.


basalt production line


Production Process
Sand production line in operation, chunks of stone by the silo consists of vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher for primary crushing, stone crushing after by belt conveyor into the cone crusher (or crusher machine) is broken, broken stone after feeding by belt conveyor vibrating screen for screening, finished sand (under the screen) by belt conveyor to the washing machine after washing sand to the finished material by belt conveyor Heap; large particles of stone (sieve material) by belt conveyor to the vertical impact crusher (sand making machine) is crushing, crushing stone after feeding again by a belt conveyor shaker for screening, thus forming a closed more cycles.


The feeding system
The system is each segment crusher equipment and screening machine away material, according to the crushing and screening process. Complete feed feeder link equipment or other types of feeding equipment. In the sand and gravel production lines are generally used for feeder equipment supplied is in charge of stone.


The broken system
The system is the heart of the entire device. Its job is broken into various ore raw materials required for the particle size of finished material, a joint sand production line can have more than one broken machine. These broken mechanical properties vary, work together to complete stone crushing.


The screening conveyor systems
The system is broken ore after screening machine for screening by. Aggregate composite production line in the sand and stone is the need to separate, and graded gravel material required after delivery to the respective venues. This procedure uses the equipment generally linear vibrating screen or other screening equipment.


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