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How to enhance the wear resistance of hammer crusher

Time:2015-10-21 15:00:35 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Current crusher hammer Multiple Choice high manganese steel as building material, but now the work of the hammer is due to the small impact crusher hammer material suffered, the type of high-manganese steel wear parts are not able to play its Surface hardening advantage quickly leaving the hammer wear, greatly reducing the hammer's life.

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To this end, Zhongxin mechanical machinery experts trying to research high manganese steel hammer short life, mainly due to wear faster, and is committed to an effective way to solve this problem seek. Through the glass with a hammer (5.8kg) and cement with a hammer (11.5kg) after failure of wear debris analysis and study, the researchers were worn surface morphology analysis, a preliminary study of the hammer wear wastage surface of the metal, is seeking to improve the wear resistance of the material hammer, hammer material for analysis and new hammerhead new manufacturing technology provides ample theoretical basis.

The main work area is located hammer crusher hammer edge, namely continuous work with hammer and constantly wear the work area will be some changes, over time, loss of material on the hammer pedaling way will be some changes, serious direct impact crushing action of the device. In the early work we analyze the hammer, the main force is the way the hammer hit, and when the hammer by a certain degree of wear, the next generation of materials would hammer Face scouring action when cause wear hammer material crushing affected not achieve the desired requirements, replace the hammer.

According to hammer wear failure analysis and rule analysis, we believe that under the premise of toughness appropriate to ensure the hammer, hammer hardness focus on improving the work area is an effective method of enhancing hammer wear resistance, we propose two options:

1. Add GT35 alloy block in the main area of ​​ordinary high manganese steel hammer, the use of high-manganese steel alloy combining high toughness and GT35, enhanced wear resistance hammer;

2. The use of manganese steel crusher hammer as production materials, to ensure the hammer at a certain toughness try to improve the conditions of hardness, wear resistance to achieve the purpose of improving the ability of the hammer.

In the production practice, we could significantly prolong the hammer through the use of new composite made of high manganese steel hammer on the different conditions of life of the crusher, crushing equipment to ensure production results. While cement systems - as could increase more than three times, the material used in glass crusher in improving 4.3-6.5 times higher than ordinary high manganese steel hammer.


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