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Causes of Burning Axis in Hydraulic Cone Crusher

Time:2018-05-24 10:44:20 10:10:46 AM Num:84

 What is the cause of the burning axis phenomenon in the hydraulic cone crusher? Here, we have come up with the reasons why the hydraulic cone crusher has a racing phenomenon. Today, we have conducted a series of analysis on the phenomenon of burning of the cone in the conical machine. Two of the more common ones are as follows:


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1. The machine stops but the motor is still running.
The phenomenon described in detail is as follows: During the normal crushing process of the hydraulic cone crusher, there will be a phenomenon of sudden stoppage, and there will be sharp noises. At the same time, the motor is also in rapid operation.
2. Regarding the lifting cone, since the lifting cone is lifted by a lifting device during the dismantling and overhauling of the hydraulic cone crusher, the hanging cone cannot be lifted because it is too heavy. There is also a chance of stopping in midair after a certain distance, and the lifting cone does not fall back.
Then the following analysis of these two issues is mainly due to the reasons for the wear of lubricants and machinery. Because the use of lubricating oil occupies an important position in the hydraulic cone crusher, if it is used improperly, it will cause the viscosity of the lubricating oil to be low. As a result, the main shaft portion of the hydraulic cone crusher does not achieve the corresponding lubrication effect, and this has been a long-term use, will cause some wear and tear on the machine, and due to the friction between the spindle and the bushing, the temperature of the machine rises sharply in the short term High, has a certain impact on crushing efficiency.
In addition, metal debris will be generated during wear. This debris will enter the hydraulic cone crusher along with the other parts of the hydraulic cone crusher. This will also cause other components to have a certain degree of wear. This will also cause blockage of the oil pipeline. The severity of the machine's failure was exacerbated, resulting in a burn-in shaft.


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