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Analysis of the Cause of Burn Shaft on Cone Crusher

Time:2018-01-17 09:18:51 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Cone crusher burning phenomenon occurred what is the reason? Here, Zhongxin heavy industry for cone cone axis phenomenon occurred a series of analysis, of which the most common problems are two:

The first problem, the machine stopped, but the motor is still running. Described specifically as: cone crusher normal crushing process, there will be a sudden stop phenomenon, and a sharp sound, at the same time, the motor is also in rapid operation.
Cone crusher
The second problem is about lifting the cone, the cone crusher dismantling, overhauling the process, lifting the lifting cone with lifting equipment, but due to too heavy there will be hanging up phenomenon. There will be some distance in the rise, stop in mid-air, while the hanging cone did not fall back.
The following Xin Heavy Industries to analyze these two issues, mainly due to wear and tear of lubricants and the reasons. As the use of oil in the cone crusher occupy a certain position, so it is improperly selected, it will cause the viscosity of lubricating oil is low. Thus causing the main shaft of the cone crusher can not reach the corresponding lubrication effect, and this long-term use will also cause certain wear to the machine. Due to the friction between the main shaft and the bushing, the temperature of the machine rises rapidly in a short period of time , The crushing efficiency caused some impact.
In addition, wear debris will produce metal, the debris will be with the lubricating oil into the other parts of the cone crusher, which also resulted in other parts also have a certain degree of wear and tear, which will also cause the oil pipeline blockage, increased The severity of the machine failure, resulting in a burning shaft.


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