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Jaw crusher wear causes and solutions

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 For jaw crushers, the most important working parts are composed of two jaws: moving jaw and jaw. Moving jaw punched against the static and static plate to do reciprocating movement, separated from the lower part of the finished product; close to the material by squeezing and broken. After understanding the working principle of the jaw crusher, it is easy to understand the wear of the jaw crusher.


Jaw crusher


Jaw crusher tooth plate is the water toughness of the standard high manganese steel material. The tooth plate wear is cutting wear. After analysis, this cutting wear is divided into three main situations:

1, the material repeatedly squeeze, causing the tooth plate surface material is local fracturing or flip, the broken or flip part of the material along with the extrusion and fall off the formation of debris.

2, the material repeatedly squeeze the cutting tooth plate, in the dental plate surface, or in the tooth plate protruding part of the root to form a small crack, these small cracks continue to expand to the connection, resulting in tooth plate surface material off, the formation of debris.

3, the material relative to the tooth plate short-range sliding friction, friction cutting tooth plate formation of debris, resulting in tooth plate wear.

So control jaw crusher machine tooth plate wear and tear to extend the life of the dental plate to consider the hardness and toughness of the tooth plate material. The hardness of the tooth plate is high, the wear resistance is strong, the anti-extrusion ability is strong, and the brittle fracture of the tooth plate during the crushing process of the broken material is reduced and the deformation and cracking of the tooth plate surface are reduced.

So we buy jaw crusher E plate must choose high hardness, wear resistance made of material made of the E plate. E-board installation must be tightened, if necessary, in the E-plate and crusher surface between a good layer of plastic material pad.


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