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Sand washing machines need to be checked maintenance

Time:2017-09-08 10:24:52 10:10:46 AM Num:84

1, sand washing machinery in the start before the equipment to conduct a comprehensive and careful inspection, check the sand washing machine bucket, discharge mouth, water tank and other parts of the residual debris and dust; if any, need to clean up in time to ensure that equipment The entire circulation path of the smooth; check the equipment to connect the bolt tightening of the situation, the fastening of the loose bolts to ensure the stability of the various parts of the device connection.

sand washing machinery


2, sand washing machine connecting parts and rotating bearings, reducer and other parts, to ensure that the equipment lubricants adequate and clean, and need to select the appropriate lubricant to add. But also the bearing cavity inside the grease and stains clean to extend the life of sand washing machine, the machine in the process of running, but also pay attention to the bearing temperature and the operation of the various parts of the real-time monitoring.


3, in the sand washing machine work, the reducer to the oil level for timely inspection, equipment transmission to maintain good meshing, transmission belt without wear and tear damage; equipment for the material to ensure continuous uniform, not too much or too much Material cleaning is not completely inadequate.


4, regular inspection of the various parts of the machine at the convergence of the bolt is loose, the degree of tension of the V-belt, gear meshing degree, etc., to ensure the safety and stability of the operation of the parts; reducer lubricants in the use of a month later Timely replacement, in the replacement of lubricating oil, you must ensure that the equipment bearing and add pipe cleaning, to avoid contamination of lubricants.


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