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How to repair damaged bearing cone crusher

Time:2015-08-15 00:45:34 10:10:46 AM Num:84

When the cone crusher mill is only partial spherical bearing or partial scar is large and has not yet reached the replacement level, should try to take remedial measures and should not be replaced hasty decision. Great Crusher Henan party given spherical bearing cone crusher repair methods.

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Spherical bearing cone crusher repair is relatively simple, and generally can be directly processed on-site, in advance of the spherical surface machining should make proofreading model, slightly less than the radius of the spherical radius of the spherical cone torso is possible, after the plus conduct research with, such as along the sphere of external contacts more "heavy knife is suitable.

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Similarly cone crusher lower cone spherical bearing surface wear after machining, proof must also be a model with a spherical bearing geometric accuracy in the repair process should be consistent with the requirements of Table.

Practice has proved that, in the absence of spare parts sources, the cone crusher spherical bearing wear in the residual thickness after repair 8 --- 12 mm when, for 900,1200,1650 cone crusher is still possible to use one - stage, even cause a long time.


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