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Motion Inertia Cone Crusher

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    Movement inertia cone crusher is a very complex operation when the crusher, cone crusher may occur within a wide range of motion. Therefore, in order to design a high efficiency, excellent performance of the machine, in addition to study the structure of inertia cone crusher garden and a reasonable choice of parameters to calculate it, we must also study a variety of motion inertia crusher nature, to find out all kinds of sports relationship status and machine parameters, and one of the most effective kind of motion is selected. When the crusher operation, there may be several states.

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    1. Inside broken cone crusher steady state of motion along the outer surface of the inner silver or material layers rolling.
    2. The inner and the outer cone crusher cone crusher irregular collision unstable state of motion.
    Crushing cone is clogged state of motion within 3.
    4. In the no-load conditions and outer crushing cone crusher cone motion without contact.

    For inertial cone crusher, it is just one of the one or two states of motion of the machine as it is effective, while in other states almost impossible to work. Within the following broken cone crusher steady state of motion along the outer surface of the inner cone or material layer rolling for analysis. The rotary motion of the motor through V-belt, elastic coupling exciter passed to the centerline of rotation around the crusher. When idling, the centrifugal force generated by Xi Zhen, forcing inner crushing iron along the outer surface of the inner cone crusher for rolling seamless, while the inner crushing cone and do the rotation movement around its own axis.

So, breaking the no-load state within the movement hungry for the inner crushing cone crusher make the center line around a rotational movement (also called precession movement), but also around its own axis of rotation movement. When the load, the material layer within the crushing roll along, since the uneven distribution of the material in the crushing cavity, material particles of different sizes within the crushing roll music when movement along the material layer is unstable. Each roll all week along with strong vibration. In this case, nutation angle β constantly changing, within the crushing which produce nutation movement. When the load, in addition to the inner crushing cone precession movement and rotation movement has no load, increased plant nutating motion. This motion is the traditional cone crusher does not have. Inertia Cone Crusher nutation movement within the crushing fluctuate every week along the material layer, are accompanied by more than 100 times the vibration. This additional strong pulse vibration, and strengthen the crushing effect.


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