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Installation and use of vibration feeder in sand making line

Time:2017-06-13 17:28:39 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Vibrating feeder is one of the hub-type equipment on the sand production line. Its main function is to supply the material into the equipment of the sand making equipment evenly or quantitatively. It is one of the necessary mechanical equipment for the automatic flowering operation. So what should we pay attention to when installing and using it?


vibration feeder


We want to install the Vibrating Feeder as far as possible, which is to feed the feedstock to ensure the uniformity and stability of the feed to prevent the material in the late process in the sanding process caused by gravity flow; when the continuous feeding, Can be dumped 10 ° placed mechanical equipment to ensure the continuity of the feed; if the high viscosity or high moisture content of the material, the angle can be appropriate down to about 15 °.


After installation as far as possible to set aside 20mm swimming distance, horizontal to maintain the level. Sanding equipment before the trial, it is necessary to consolidate all the bolts once, especially the vibration of the electromagnetic anchor bolts more noteworthy, each continuous operation of three or four hours, you need to re-reinforcement to prevent loosening. Test two vibration motor to be reverse rotation, check the current, noise stability, if abnormal should be timely parking processing. Always check the amplitude and current and the temperature of the motor surface when feeding. In addition, in order to prevent rust, vibration feeder electromagnetic bearing every two months to be filled with a lubricant, hot season can be a monthly filling of lubricants.


For the above mentioned on the maintenance of the vibration feeder, the user is not only just a single equipment maintenance, other sand production line equipment should also do the same maintenance work.


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