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How to reduce noise and dust pollution of sand making machine

Time:2017-05-26 13:41:16 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Sand making machine in the production process using high-speed rotation of the impeller device on the material fully broken production, in the course of the use of sand equipment wear or improper operation will make the equipment produce a greater noise, in fact, sand machine in the production If there is a lot of noise, but also the performance of the production failure, so when the sand machine noise, we have to immediately stop the equipment inspection, troubleshooting and then continue to work. Sometimes in the work of the impeller device with the material for a long time to fully contact and impact, likely to cause the release of the bolt loose, after the equipment parts in the crushing chamber with the material and the equipment itself collide with each other, will issue unusual noise.


In the production of sand making machine, if you encounter unbreakable things into the crushing chamber, will also have a mutual impact within the equipment, resulting in greater work noise. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the production of sand making equipment, to extend the service life of the sand making equipment, when the equipment produces a large noise to stop immediately to check, tighten the loose bolt parts, replace the damaged bolt, check the crushing chamber Whether the broken material can not be broken, the crushing chamber to clean up, in addition we also pay attention to the sand machine after each production to carry out the maintenance and maintenance of equipment.


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Noise pollution in our careful view of the effective to avoid, and another big thing is the dust pollution, sand making equipment in the daily use of which will produce some dust, this will not only affect our working environment, but also Affect the efficiency of the work.


How can we effectively prevent dust pollution of sand making machine. First install a dust board, its role is to effectively enhance the sand making machine equipment sealing effect, effectively avoid the dust pollution of sand making machine. Plus ventilation and dust, set a dust cover, the dust are timely and effective suction to prevent the dust in the air which is scattered and pollution. Dust pollution in the sanding machinery can also be prevented. When the sand making equipment is in normal working period, when we break the dry material, we can pour some water properly at the entrance of the material according to our own needs. Effective prevention of dust pollution problems.


The last is to do personal protection work. In the operation of sand making machine equipment, the staff can use dust masks, dust masks, etc., the staff to do their own protective work, so that you can effectively prevent the dust on the operator caused personal injury, thus To achieve the effect of prevention of dust pollution.


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