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The correct operation and maintenance of sand washing machine

Time:2017-05-11 14:49:03 10:10:46 AM Num:84

1. Before opening the sand washing machine, you must check the lubrication points, whether there is enough grease to do regular filling butter. The connecting bolts must be fastened,

2. After starting the motor, be sure to wait for normal operation, the first pump, adjust the water flow in order to start gradually feeding.


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3. Stop the operation before the first stop feeding, to be all the material in the tank after the row to determine the water tank no material to stop.
4. should always check the sand washing machine blade wear and tear to find the problem in time to replace, so as to avoid damage caused by unnecessary losses.
5. The sand washing machine structure is reasonable, the impeller drive bearing device and water and water material isolation, although greatly avoid the bearing due to flooding, sand and pollutants lead to damage caused by the phenomenon. But also regularly open the bearing cover to view and find out the problem in a timely manner. The sand washing machine used in sand and gravel sand washing compared with the traditional sand washing machine has obvious advantages are as follows: in the fine sand and stone powder loss is very little, the washing sand and the fineness of the building modulus to the national " Sand "" building with pebbles, gravel "standard. The machine in addition to the screen almost no wearing parts. Long service life, long-term maintenance.


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