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How to choose a crusher according to the material?

Time:2015-07-31 11:18:44 10:10:46 AM Num:84

        With the development of science and technology, in order to meet the needs of customers, a wide range of crushers are starting to appear on the market, because the crushing process, configure the key stone production line is ore properties, hardness, fineness, So choosing the right crusher ore crushing production line to improve production efficiency is very important, then how to choose the right stones factory crusher it according to the material?

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      According to the hardness of materials, different fineness, select the broken equipment is also very different. Comparison of the relative coarse granularity stone, micro-cracks due to the comparison between the more, the hardness of the material is relatively small, this is more easily broken stone; and for relatively small particle size of the material, its hardness is relatively large material, it will be difficult broken. In short, the crusher broken material in the process because of thinner material crushing granularity, efficiency will decline, while consumption will increase, relative, the finer the particle size of the material, it resists crushing capacity will be stronger. This small hardness is milled, high hardness were left over from the phenomenon known as selective fragmentation. Thus according to the actual situation, select the appropriate crushing equipment.

      Xin Heavy machinery design and produce a lot of models and specifications crusher, production to meet customer demand for various aspects of different materials, different from the expected size and yields. Products PE series deep cavity jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing ore, PF series impact crusher can be broken after primary crushing, and also according to the actual needs of customers, the configuration HPT series cone crusher for hard ore crushing production.

      Jiaozuo Xin Heavy machinery producing a variety of models and specifications of crushing production line equipment, would like to know more broken equipment configuration and price, you can direct online consultation, Jiaozuo Xin Heavy machine for your dedicated service, welcomed the new and old customers to visit!


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