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Cause Analysis of Vibratory Feeder 's Plugging Material

Time:2017-02-04 01:40:59 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Vibration feeder in the whole production process plays the role of porters, if the vibration feeder to plug the material spilled material situation, serious can directly lead to paralysis of the production line, so to ensure the normal work of the vibrating feeder Important, in the material storage system, vibration feeder frequent silo clogging phenomenon, Zhongxin Heavy Industries engineers analysis of 5 reasons.


Vibrating Feeder


1, the vibrating feeder silo memory too little material. Because the material is more than ten meters from the height of the vibration, the deeper the depth of the feeder hopper, the greater the acceleration, along with its impact is also greater, so a certain degree of gravity in the material, and gradually the silo at the bottom of the deposit Material impact compaction; when the re-discharge, it is likely to block.

2, from the physical characteristics of the material analysis, vibration feeder blocking the main reason is the strength and moisture larger. As the material flow is reduced, this will lead to the material into the warehouse after the occurrence of the usual "wall", "shed material" phenomenon, the rainy season is particularly serious.

3, material storage point management, resulting in bulk material or foreign material warehousing. Vibrating feeder inlet of the silo, not required to set the screen gate is too large, resulting in large pieces of material or foreign matter into the warehouse, causing blockage.

4, the vibrating feeder in the course of the process we should also be careful not to load the hopper directly on the feeder in the chute, so long will lead to the spring plate and the connection fork fatigue damage, resulting in one of the A fracture.

5, may be too much feed to feed too much, resulting in the accumulation of materials in the base, or transport capacity increases spiral conveyor force, caused by poor hopper run, encountered this situation should be less immediately into the Feed volume and maintain uniform feed.


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