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Jaw crusher how to choose the right motor?

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General customers to buy the jaw crusher is the larger the model, the greater the power required for the motor, but this is not absolute, but also the specific nature of the material according to the different options, different processing materials, the same jaw crusher It is also possible to select a different motor.


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Select the motor for the different material properties. Not only can save resources, the most important thing is in the case of transformer power is fixed, for other equipment to improve the output to adjust the motor power to make a good concession and cooperation. For materials with little hardness, such as limestone, shale and other stones, we can choose a smaller motor power, so you can also achieve the target yield, but for the hardness of stone, such as basalt, river gravel, The standard motor is used so that production requirements are met.


The average power required for the three-stage crushing of the average equipment is less than the average required power of the secondary crushing. So in the corresponding second and third crushing process is equipped with jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher and other models can be based on the total power line design requirements, the rational allocation of various models The required motor power.


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