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How to improve the screening efficiency of vibrating screen

Time:2016-09-27 19:58:47 10:10:46 AM Num:84

How How to improve the screening efficiency of  vibrating screen

The first is by adjusting the inclination of the screening machine, appropriate to reduce the inclination helps to reduce the material thickness, to achieve thin material screening.

The second is a dry sieving, to strictly control the feed water when the water is high, consider screening ingredients.

The third is to reduce the porosity sieve batter, with a choice of self-cleaning sieve, sieve surface such as a spring rod, automatic net cleaning device may reduce the chances of clogging of the screen surface to improve screening efficiency.

The fourth is to improve the circular vibrating screen sieve openings, high aperture ratio will help to improve screening effect; usually welded stainless steel sieve opening rate can improve screening efficiency.


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The fifth is for a particular shaker such as: circular vibrating screen, consider the weight adjustment method to improve the screening effect.

The sixth is to adjust the feeding mode, in most cases, the material is not along the full width of the screen to enter, resulting in underutilization of the screen surface, the impact of screening efficiency in the feed opening Gabe feeding device, so that the material evenly cloth.

The seventh is by wet sieving, with water rinse made with sieved, this is an effective means to enhance and improve screening efficiency.


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