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XS Series Sand Washer machine features

Time:2016-07-05 14:58:45 10:10:46 AM Num:84

Large sand washing machine is widely used in construction sites, gravel plants, concrete hydropower dam site and other industries, it has a clean and high, reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, sand washing over Process less loss of sand, especially sand washing machine transmission parts are water, sand isolation, so the failure rate is much lower than the commonly used sand washing machine, domestic sand washing industry upgrading excellent choice.

Sand Washer

Bucket sand washing machine features:
1, long life, almost no wearing parts.
2, rare cases in need of repair, it can greatly reduce the cost.
3, for a variety of work environments.
4, bearings and water, the material separated to avoid damage to the phenomenon of the machine prematurely due to pollution caused by rust.
5, simple structure, stable operation.
6, the material loss of less washing, washing of high-efficiency, high-grade materials can fully meet the requirements.


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